Shrink ratio 3: 1 double-walled with adhesive

Shrink tubing 3: 1 double-walled with adhesiveTechnical data Wall thickness: double-walled, adhesiveShrink rate: 3: 1 Operating temperature: -55 ° to 125 ° Color: Black , e.g. buy you get 5 meters in one piece and not divided into 1 meter! inner wall hot glue kink, wetness and weathering protection air seal and associated protection against damage color marking of various conductor terminalsEqual attachment of labels and warning notices Properties double-walled heat-shrink tubing with good mechanical strength Resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis with internal adhesive Optimal protection against moisture and shrinkage and corrosion UV_000_000; ltnis 3: 1 by the meter1 by the meter1 by the meter

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