Tubular cable lug

Tubular cable lug, crimp cable lug, uninsulated for 120mm² M12 DIN 46327, pipe shapeMaterial: E-Cu, tin-platedTemperature resistance up to 105 ° CQuantity: from 1 pieceCable lugs are made of electrolytic copper pipe (SE-Cu according to DIN EN 13600). The pipe wall thickness guarantees the best electrical conductivity and mechanical protection against vibrations and pull-out of the conductor. Our cable lugs are annealed to guarantee optimal elasticity; this is absolutely necessary, as the cable lugs have to withstand strong deformation and the usual twisting of the tab during the pressing process. Even with oscillations and vibrations, the connectors must guarantee reliable contact. In these circumstances, hardness plays a crucial role in preventing cracks and cracks. The inspection hole ensures the correct insertion of the conductor. The sleeve length has been chosen to be large enough to ensure easy and correct positioning between the press dies during the crimping process. Our cable lugs are electrolytically tinned to prevent oxidation.

Uninsulated tubular cable lug

DIN 46327, tube shapeMaterial: E-Cu, tinnedTemperature resistance...